Now You Can Finally Break Out Of The Rut
With Your Bass Playing…

Presenting The Easiest Way Ever
To Take Your Bass Playing To The Next Level

Are you one of those bass guitar player who has plunked away for 5, 10, 15, maybe even 20 years or more, and yet you still feel stuck and frustrated at a similar level to where you were all those years ago? Maybe you’ve only played for a short while, and yet seem to have already run into the proverbial glass ceiling… Why is that? In my experience, I’ve found it is because somewhere, there is a lack of understanding about the bass guitar & how it works.

  • It is possible to learn WHY things work on the bass… and its not hard!
  • With this bit of basic knowledge, you can be playing popular songs on your own, in minutes!
  • Simple theory gives you the keys to create amazing bass fills and riffs – as easily as breathing!
  • The same system used by pro musicians (called I, IV, V) lets you easily figure out all the chords in any key.
  • Learn just two bass guitar scales that will let you rule the fretboard.

You might be surprised to learn just how well the whole bass fits together around a couple of bass guitar scales, but once you understand WHY things fit together on your bass, you’ll be equipped to go in all kinds of new directions.

Unsure about signing up? Here’s what others say:

Learn Bass Guitar ScalesJonathan, you have provided a comfortable and easy to digest method of spicing up root bass notes for me that has already attracted positive accolades from my fellow musicians and weekly listeners.  Additionally, I am very appreciative of your emails that contain additional add-on tips.  Thank you for presenting a different prospective on the bass fretboard and the confidence to real-time utilize this approach in every day play. Best Regards, Joe Dean

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