Want To Break Out Of The Rut
With Your Bass Playing?

If you’d like to bass playing a healthy dose of ‘special sauce’ then read on…


A lot of bass guitar players have plunked away for 10, 15, even 20 or more years, and yet still feel frustrated and stuck a similar level to where they were all those years ago.

Others have only played for a short while, and seem to have quickly run into the proverbial glass ceiling

Why is that? In my experience, I’ve found it is because somewhere, there is a lack of understanding about the bass guitar & how it works.

  • It is possible to learn WHY things work on the bass… and its not hard!
  • With a little bit of basic knowledge, you can be figuring out how to play popular songs on your own, in minutes!
  • Simple theory gives you the keys to create amazing bass fills and riffs – as easily as breathing!
  • The same system used by pro musicians (called I, IV, V) lets you easily figure out all the chords in any key.

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