The Top 3 Myths of Bass Playing

And Why They’re Holding You Back…

Myth #1: Knowing Music Theory Is Boring And Unnecessary

HOGWASH! This is the most persistent of all the Music Myths: Students believing that they don’t need theory to play well, or worse – that they’re actually unable to learn music theory because it is so complicated.

Music theory is not hard! If you can count to 8, and know the first seven letters of the alphabet, then you’re already well on your way.

If children can learn music theory, then you can too – and don’t let anyone (including yourself!) tell you otherwise. Basic theory will unlock your bass guitar more quickly than anything else.

Myth #2: I Don’t Need To Know The Notes On My Bass

BALONEY! The same person who told you this probably also said you don’t need to know the colors in order to be a good painter…

Learning the entire bass fretboard can seem challenging at first; however if you break it down, and realize that it is all very logical, you can have it figured out in no time.

I’ll show you one trick that will simultaneously reduce your fretboard memorization by 50% AND give you a riff you can use in any song ever written!

Myth #3: To Be A Great Musicians You Have To Be Born That Way

POPPYCOCK! I personally know great musicians that others have written off as being unteachable, or unable to learn. Most times, the problem was the teacher, not the student.

While it is true that some people seem to ‘have the gift’ and play effortlessly, it is equally true that anyone can become a fine musician by applying themselves.

The bottom line? If you make excuses for why you can’t or shouldn’t learn, then you’re shortchanging yourself from becoming the player you want to be.

The bass IS easy to learn, and I can teach you the basics of music theory quickly and effectively.

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